A Ranchers Perspective

I started ranching at 20, from scratch, and I’m the only rancher my age for miles and miles. Can you stand by and watch your friends get their new homes, cars, boats and RV’s while you struggle to make ends meet?

If you can — you may just have what it takes to begin a cattle business. Do something like I did — find a mentor that you trust and one that will tell you the truth — how it takes time — how everyone pays dues — how this isn’t really some romanticized existence, instead it’s hard work and this is why we are so few.

This is what it takes to be free.

I’m here to share my experiences with the world — what worked — what didn’t and why (maybe). And, yes, if I had to face floods, droughts, ice storms, destroyed hay, equipment failures, activists, lightning, doubters, my fears, death loss, fires and disappointments; I would definitely do it all over again………


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