Bull Buying Season is Here

Did you know that there are still buyers that base their bull and semen selections on Phenotype (outward appearance) and never consider Genotype (genetics). As long as people are basing their selections solely on phenotype they will never progress. These days, with Genomically Enhanced EPD’s backed by DNA, we that actually want to improve our bottom line — can.

My analogy for buying a bull or semen without a full understanding of EPD’s is like buying hay without a forage analysis– it can be green, touch all the senses, but still have a lower Crude Protein and TDN. — “You just can’t tell by looking”.

I’m not saying that a visual appraisal isn’t necessary, but all bull buyers should have a good understanding of EPD’s, which will assist them in their decision-making processes. Ask your bull providers for Genomically Enhanced EPD’s as the “proof is in the pudding”.

Genetic Defects

This has become an ethical issue for many. If your bull providers don’t test their bulls (which only costs $25) then they are telling you it’s easier to keep you in the dark and/or you aren’t worth twenty-five dollars. Luckily for some seed stock providers, there are still buyers out there that don’t pay any attention to genetic defects. They don’t realize it, but they are on borrowed time.


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