Ruining PBSM – A Breeders Viewpoint

What exactly did it take to ruin PB Simmental?

It began with poor leadership (Board of Directors) as more emphasis was placed on one sector (Show) than any of the others. The choice to move away from our base of remaining more commercially-focused was the beginning of the end for Purebred Simmental.

Visionaries of the past, that realized the need for change and to remain more commercially-focused had no intentions of taking PBSM down the path to ruin with the inferior genetics of the show prospect.

Today. the Purebred Sector of Simmental is a conglomeration of the worst genetics ever quantified in modern times — and penned as inbred show mongrel genetics.

The Downward Spiral of PBSM

  • Poor Leadership (without Vision)
  • Too much Emphasis on the Show Sector
  • Allowing Breeders to Opt-Out of Total Herd Enrollment  THE
  • Inbreeding (Legacy)

The Solutions to bring back PBSM

  • Make Remaining Commercially-focused our Mission Statement
  • Require all breeders to be Active in the THE
  • Dump most of the Legacy Genetics within PBSM
  • Continue the Carcass Merit Program (CMP)
  • Less emphasis on the Show Sector as it has no function in the production of meat


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