Understanding EPD’s

C 76sv

This is an example of a SimAngus™ bull  here at the ranch.

  • Under the EPD, we have ACC, which stands for Accuracy (normally low on young animals without progeny).
  • Finally, we have %, which is where an EPD ranks nationally (e.g 16.8 CE has a 0.20 ACC and ranks in the Top 5% nationally).
  • A trait that is Top 1% to Top 20% is considered a Trait Leader (Designated in green).
  • Top 50% is Average.
  • Other traits that are not trait leaders, but above average (Designated in blue).

Bull C 76

CE = Calving Ease of 16.8 is Top 5%, which is outstanding

Birth = Birth Weight of -2.0 is Top 10%, which is outstanding

Wean = Weaning Weight of 69.8 is Top 20%, which is outstanding

Year = Yearling Weight of 121.2 is Top 10%, which is outstanding and so on

ADG = Average Daily Gain

MCE = Maternal Calving Ease

Milk = Maternal Milk — we want an average MM, so this is optimal

MWW = Maternal Weaning Weight

Stay = Stayability or Longevity ( Not listed in Simangus)

Doc = Docility (this number isn’t assigned until the animal is weaned)

CW = Carcass Weight

YG = Yield Grade

Marb = Marbling

BF = Back Fat

REA = Ribeye Area

Shr = Shear or Tenderness – N/A

API = All Purpose Index

TI = Terminal Index

Reference Table 1 (Hybrid Simmental same as SimAngus™)

2015 Hybrid Simmental Percentile Table


You can see that C 76 is off the charts for many of his EPD’s and Indexes.




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