Seedstock Selection

I will never understand the mentality of the seed stock producer that refuses to raise the kind of cattle that will help others improve their cattle. This is inherently the function of all seed stock producers.

I see cattle sales all the time and really have to wonder how these people stay in business raising the kind of junk they do. Evidently their buyers are even more ignorant than they are. Here is an example:


Deficient in CE, BW, Stay (conveniently left out; (bottom 25%)), YG, Marb, BF, REA, Shr (conveniently left out, is -0.07 (bottom 1%)), and API. A terrible BW at 93 lbs and a terrible Frame Score at 6.9; which, by the way, only increases the cost of production of his daughters. Touting a 4.4 ADG is no big deal most of my bulls are around 4.7. Last but not least, more Legacy inbred genetics–    I just have to shake my head.

Lets do a planned mating using this bull and one of my Top 1% heifers — we will prove why this bull is so bad for a cross breeding program or any program for that matter.


60C brings down an 18 CE to 13.9 –still a trait leader, but some kind of destruction there.

60C kills my BW EPD.

60C helps the WW by 4 lbs, but when we look at what he destroys we’ll see it’s not much.

60C doesn’t help the YW at all

60C brings my ADG down.

60C improves my MCE by 0.4, which is insignificant.

60C keeps MM moderate which is good.

60C brings up my MWW up by 2.3, which is insignificant.

60C brings my Docility down.

60C brings my CW up 4 points, which is insignificant.

60C brings my YG down , which isn’t good; normally stronger in PBSM

60C brings my Marbling way down from 1.24 to 0.72 — a huge drop

60C brings my BF down by 33%, which isn’t good.

60C improves my REA by 0.03, which is insignificant.

60C destroys my API Index of 197 down to 161– a 35.6 point drop

60C destroys my TI Index of 101.8 down to 87.8 — a 14 point drop

60C destroys most of my traits of economic importance while adding frame score and increasing my annual cost of production –all of which are deleterious to my business.


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