My take on “Red Delicious Beef”

It has long been known by all (or so I thought); that our best beef gets exported and we, American’s, eat the crap no one else in the World wants. This post is an expansion of a blog post from @CBKimbrell titled “Red Delicious Beef“.

In the USA, our homegrown Beef is Graded on the Quality System (Prime, Choice, Select) and the rest of the world including South America, EU, UK, AU, etc are on the Yield Grade System. The differences are apparent in that “we prefer” marbled grain-fed beef (quality pounds), with less emphasis on Yield and the rest of the world is concerned with quantity pounds (Yield).

In order to maintain the consistent quality of Prime and Choice in our commercial herds, those of us in the seedstock business must raise the kind of breeding stock that will assist our commercial counterparts with this endeavor.

This is the reason I seem so harsh with Beef Magazines’ (BM) Seedstock 100 (SS100). A large percentage of the SS100 breeders have cattle that in no way can provide the superior genetics that are required to meet the needs of our commercial cattlemen/women as they pursue the highest quality possible, thus reaping the premiums associated with that quality. 

To me, this is unfortunate because of several reasons: 

  1. Commercial operations are not reaping the benefits of the best quality genetics
  2. Commercial operations are not reaping the benefits of all premiums possible
  3. Commercial operations are being fed propaganda by a Feeder-oriented BM Publication
  4. It’s unfortunate that consumers are choosing other meat choices, which is more than likely caused by an increase in those lower quality cuts due in part by less than stellar beef cattle genetics promoted by the ilk of Beef Magazine and others.
  5. Lastly, it is unfortunate that some feel the need to export our best beef and feed our own people all the crap that no one else in the World wants

I like what Mark Gardiner says about the cattle business:

A lot of people spend so much time and effort on things that don’t have anything to do with making money in the cattle business.

Its not too complicated. It involves calves that are born alive, grow efficiently, sell at a good pay weight when sold ahead of the feedlot or as a premium carcass through retained ownership, and leave a sister in the herd that will replicate it all again. Accomplishing this goal with Genetics is just as straightforward.

The old technology of using proven, high accuracy bulls through Artificial Insemination (AI) works exceedingly well, Gardiner says. His family is a longtime proponent of embracing technology and stacking proven genetics in the name of accelerated genetic progress.”

What this statement says to me, as a seedstock producer, (and should say to every single member of Beef Magazines SS 100) is that if “we” are not using the best bulls available (no matter who raised them) through an AI program that “we” are really doing a dis-service to our buyers – the commercial cattlemen/women that tirelessly go out everyday in harsh environments to make an honest living for themselves and to feed our own people and the World. 

Beef – It’s What’s For Dinner



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