SimAngus Cattle

Producing Top 1% Simangus Bulls takes time. The Breeding Plan.

First of all, we all need to be on the same page. In the U.S., our meat quality grading system is based on Marbling (Prime, Choice, Select).

So, if we want top dollar for what we produce, which is saying if we want to be paid the best for our work, then we should be producing the type of cattle that will grade the best in our marketing system — which is based on Quality.

Quality pounds will always pay more than Quantity lbs — this is why a steak costs more than hamburger.

Another thing that must be understood is that the genetics for meat comes from Masculine Traits, so this simply means that the breed with the best marbling needs to always be on the sires side of the breeding equation. For SimAngus this has to be Angus.

As Seedstock breeders, we are the beginning of the meat production chain and it’s our function to produce the kind of breeding animals that will improve the commercial operations bottom line.  Only through their successes can seedstock operations have success.

People always ask what traits overall do you feel are the most important on the side of economics? Some will say Longevity or Stay-ability; some will say Feed Efficiency; some will say Calving Ease or WW or before its done every single trait of economic importance will be listed depending on where that person is along the production chain. So how do we as seed- stock breeders maximize all these attributes into one individual. Answer – Crossbreed!

The Breeding Plan (For SimAngus)

Sire x Dam

Breed A (Angus) x Breed B (Simmental) = Breed AB (F1 SimAngus)

Breed AB x Breed A (of a different bloodline) = 3/4 Breed A 1/4 Breed B

C 76



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